Plan your wedding like a pro

Learn from a pro how to turn your wedding into a cake-walk

Make your Pinterest board a reality

Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro is your seasoned wedding planning expert, sharing proven planning strategies the latest industry secrets, including exclusive vendor discounts and free wedding consultations.

Prioritize and execute each phase of your planning journey the right way from the get-go. Avoid costly and common pit-falls, tame your family, and cut through unforeseen bureaucracy.

Plan Like a Pro is developed and brought to you by Voulez Events, a wedding planning consultation firm headquartered in San Francisco.

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What to expect

All you need is a little instruction to get the results you deserve on the best day of your life.

Expert consultations
  • Six (6) modules packed with wedding planning tools and tips about all-things wedding planning
  • On-demand wedding vendor consultations
  • Ongoing workshops made available throughout the lifetime of the package
Expert tools
  • Checklists & templates for every vendor meeting, evaluation
  • Customizable day-of itinerary
  • Customizable budget system
  • A Members Area, where engaged couples have access to ongoing webinars, current resources, discounts, feedback & community
Expert tips
  • All best-kept secrets of a professional wedding planner with a decade of experience
  • One consultation with an expert financial relationship coach
  • Top stress-free philosophies for planning
  • Monthly Q&As with wedding pros
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What's inside

Check out what's inside the package.

Whip up a long-term success strategy that slays overwhelm and confusion.
Unlock industry secrets that give you the upper hand with vendor contracts.
Slash costs with an on-demand financial coach and tailored budget tool.
Tame your family and wedding party dynamics to ensure rock solid cooperation when you need it most.
Uncover and blast through all the bureaucracy you never knew is in your way.
Delegate day-of tasks confidently and consistently so that everything auto-magically falls into place.
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Get in the package today to acquire industry tools, professional templates, vendor checklists, wedding consultations & planning resources that will channel your excitement into stress-free DIY success!

Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro
  • 6 package modules and 2 planning consultations
  • Checklists, templates, itineraries, and budgets.
  • A 24/7 members area
Grand Scheme
  • 6 package modules and 2 planning consultations
  • Checklists, templates, itineraries, and budgets.
  • A 24/7 members area
  • Aisle Planner membership ($400 value)

Plan with a pro's framework

Focus on what makes your wedding unique by streamlining common tasks. Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro walks you through the tough stuff and provides tips and tools that makes planning your perfect day a dream come true.

Save time, money, energy and a whole lot of stress with pro-tips, templates, recommendations, and a worldwide network of certified wedding professionals.

Get expert advice
Though they have the best of intentions, your family are not wedding planning experts. This package was born from 10 years of professional wedding planning expertise.
Stay on track
Pinterest inspires but doesn’t execute. Transform your Pinterest board into a ceremony and decor with our methodology and accountability hacks.
Don't sweat the small stuff
Don’t have time for all the DIY? I’ll show you where to find wedding decor that looks like you made it yourself.
Leverage a community
You are not alone. You are part of a community of couples inspiring each other’s progress with unbeatable deals from vendors, honeymoon packages, and coaching.
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What others are saying

Our newlyweds are thrilled to be able to learn the ropes and enjoy smooth sailing on their entire wedding journey.

Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro event consultations and her Q&As are awesome!
I plan on using her to sanity-check templates for every wedding vendor as I move forward.
I love her progressive-minded mentality and her willingness to be extremely flexible and patient.

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